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10 Apr 14
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If These Things Happened In A Marathon, It'd Be Cheating. But In Real Life, It's Discrimination.

Hurrah! After 3 intense (but fun and educational) weeks of training, it’s my very first Upworthy post!

1 Apr 14
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Re: Come To Grace Meeting From A Viewer

Just wanted to write a quick follow-up to today’s post to share that I got  really sweet email from that same subscriber, apologizing for her previous email. I also made sure to apologize as well, as I realize my response could’ve been seen as defensive. As Ms. Badu says, "Keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit." It’s no secret, I’m sensitive ya’ll.

I share my ups and downs here in my little corner of the internet not to get sympathy, props or to brag, but to remind you that our journeys continue to have twists and turns and that’s totally ok.

I constantly get messages from subscribers asking for and offering advice, which I’m very appreciative of. It’s crazy that think that strangers around the world want to connect with me, but I love it so very much.

With that, my inbox is always open if you wanna shoot me a line.

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1 Apr 14
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I wish the following was an April Fool’s joke…but it isn’t. I got this email from a subscriber yesterday and thought I’d share it and my response for anyone else who has similar questions or concerns. In an effort to respect the author’s privacy, I’ve removed their name.

Subject: Come to grace meeting from a viewer

Hey Chescaleigh, I’ve been a viewer for about 2 years and I guess I’m emailing to really see what exactly you want from Youtube? Do you want to grow and make more money off youtube? Do you want to finally pass the 100k subscriber mark? And if so why do you continue to get rid of the small fan base you have? The reason I originally subscribed to you was because you were refreshing and versatile. You did hair videos, parodies, skits, and videos about important subjects. But it seems that with the decline of your 2011 popularity, so did your drive to produce anything funny.

A lot of people think growth on Youtube is hard but there’s so many ways to get noticed. You could do more parodies (Applause went really well for you), more important videos, or even more Ask Granny! But these whole follow me around vlogs and live chats are getting ridiculous. I mean you get 5-7k views on those daily vlogs and you have 100,000 subscribers! Doesn’t that seem bad to you?  I know in your draw your life video you said that you think you’re almost out of time but you could easily increase your fan base if you just committed more to your channel

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