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17 May 13

re: D.E.R.P. video

imnothayley said: You’re wonderful, but there’s some problematic things here. While it’s great to know that Snapchat is not foolproof, the onus should be placed on the person who’s misusing the pictures, not on those who send them. Also, the word “derp” is ableist.

It’s been brought to my attention that "derp" (the title of my latest video) is ableist, which is something I wasn’t aware of. I did research on it’s origins and understood it to be the same as “no duh” or just suggesting something was stupid. I feel truly awful about this not only because it’s offensive, but because I’ve potentially ruined what I think is an important message by using a poor choice of words. I’ve done some googling and have found conflicting posts about this, so I’d love input from the Tumblr community because I trust you guys and you regularly keep me in check.

As for the info about Snapchat, my goal was to inform teens that it is not a fool proof way to share photos, since I know many use it to send photos they would otherwise not want saved. If someone shares a private photo without your permission they are absolutely at fault, but I think it’s important to be aware that the technology you’re using to “safely” share private photos may not protect you the way you’ve initially assumed. 

Again, I always appreciate it when my audience holds me accountable for the content I produce, especially because my aim is to not only entertain but educate. I love hearing from you guys, even when it’s to inform me I’m at fault, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out through comments, email or elsewhere to let me know what’s up.


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    I thought “derp“‘s from BASEketball in the 90s - I just remember two horny guys going through a drawer and going “derp”...
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    For those of you who are unaware, this is how you apologize and hold yourself accountable for things you produce that...
  3. roz-art said: fromonesurvivortoanothe…
  4. reallyrenee said: Some people are so touchy. I am so sick of youtubers being ostracized over every little thing. If your viewers are that overly sensitive, that’s their problem.
  5. soundlyawake said: I don’t see “derp” as any different than “duh.”
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    That’s owning up to a mistake. That’s a real apology. I love this lady.
  7. hummeline said: I think it originally just meant “oh well” or something like that - I’m kind of not sure where it turned ableist. I think somewhere around the ERMEGERD girl? Unsure.
  8. lemonyandbeatrice said: yeah using ‘derp’ stopped me completely from watching the video which is unfortunate because I generally love what you do? it’s the type of word that invokes negative portrayals of mentally disabled individuals.
  9. creativeconflagration said: "Derp" is supposed to evoke someone with intellectual delays. The full phrase is "herp derp" or sometimes "herp a derp" accompanied by a dumb face. I don’t like it for personal reasons- but I don’t feel comfortable policing peoples’ blogs either.
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