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27 Dec 11

Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hairline Growth (via Chescalocs)

It’s been a year since I started using JBCO on my hairline. Here are my results! Click here to purchase Jamaican Black Castor Oil via Like this video? Feel free to reblog!

Full Disclosure: This product is linked using Amazon’s affiliate link program. I have not been paid to endorse JBCO and have purchased it on my own accord.


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    I LOVE Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I use it weekly on my scalp and it’s so soothing. This is the only oil that my hair &...
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    I use it also in hopes of preventing a hairline problem. Awesome stuff!
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    I’ve done this too & it most definitely works! My left side edges have thickened up & continuing to grow (over a year...
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