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31 Jul 14
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POC People Can’t be Racist 

This is just a discussion on my understanding of racism vs prejudice, and I did source all the examples I used in the video. Please note that you can ask questions, leave comments, and express your opinion in the comments, however you are more likely to get a response by sending me a message to my tumblr.






Irish/Italians Weren’t Always White

Black People Don’t Feel Pain

Human Zoos

Racial Wage Differences/White Men Make More

I would like to add something to not take away from the title, but PoCs can be racist…  just only to each other.

Of course! I was going to explain that in the video, but I was trying to keep it short. I was thinking about adding it into the title, but ALSO wanted to keep the title short. But POC can only really be racist against each other, mostly because we are all considered less than. In short, we are all on the same playing field for the most part. 

Another thing my video didn’t include: I am not a stern believer that POC can even be racist towards White people internationally (depending on the country). Lets seriously consider how many countries Britain has taken over or attempted to take over, a fucking lot. White supremacy has been spread all over the world, even in POC dominated countries. Which is why you’ll see skin bleaching be this huge thing in parts of Africa, and being half white being this huge thing in certain Asian communities. For the most part, whiteness is pretty much internationally accepted as the norm. 


I see the objective of the video was to keep it nice and short and you did an excellent job with that. (Me, I can’t seem to keep mine under 7 minutes without cutting a lot of fat, and I get more of a backlash because… well, this isn’t a personal blog.) Good work, overall. 

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30 Jul 14
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"Facing Race, Because…"

^^^^ How would you finish this sentence? 

Facing race because it affects every aspect of your life, even if you turn away. Because not fighting racism, is condoning and perpetuating racism.

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